Who is Eligible to Join DAV?

Any service member who was not dishonorably discharged and sustained an injury or illness during their time in the military—whether service connected by the VA or not—or anyone who aggravated a previous injury during his or her time in service, is eligible for DAV membership so long as they served during a period of armed conflict (does not have to be direct combat).

How Does DAV Membership Benefit You?

As a DAV Member, in addition to DAV programs and services, members are entitled to Member Advantages, which gives you access to a variety of important programs, products, and services.  Also included with your membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine. 

What is DAV's Dues Structure?

Life membership is permanent. Life membership dues are $300 and can be paid in interest-free installments following a minimum $40.00 down payment, or as little as $10.00 per month with recurring credit card payment. Those 80 and over are free.

Help DAV in its effort to help you. Sign up for membership today! To sign up for membership – Complete an Online Membership Application or print out the Membership Application, fill it out, enclose your membership payment, and mail it in right away to: 


Attn: Membership Department 

PO BOX 145550 

Cincinnati, OH 45250